Boer Bloem

The Florist (Fleurig) who changes his flowers into Beer!

About Boer Bloem

Boer Bloem is a non-alcoholic flower-based beer.

The beer was brewed with all the classic ingredients (barley, water, hop).


The undertone of the flavor is fruity and has a  typical sour taste. The overtone is elderflower and hibiscus.


The typical light orange-pink color is created by the hibiscus. This is an all natural color. 


The special fermentation and finish with flower extract makes this beer a very unique one. A lot of aroma, low in alcohol (0.3%).

Next to the classic beers and fruit-based-beers Boer Bloem is unique as non-alcoholic flower-based beer.

Where to buy?

Boer Bloem is available at different locations:

 - our webshop

- Click here to see the full list of store and establishments where you can buy Boer Bloem.

Orders placed in the webshop will be delivered trough mail.

Boer Bloem is only available in the webshop or stores,

How to serve?

Boer Bloem is best served chilled and in a wine or champagne glass.

Boer Bloem  is very thirst-quenching.

It's unique taste will charm anybody.

Boer Bloem is also recommended for


Boer Bloem is brewed at Proefbrouwerij, Lochristi.

Boer Bloem consciously opts for tin cans because this doesn't let any light through. Light could beharmful to the quality of the beer.
Tin is infinitely recyclable and easy to pack.
The cans do not have to be collected again and cleaned, so its more ecofriendly.

The label is easily detached from the can with the "zipper". So recylcing both parts will be easy.

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